Does A Water Softener Remove Chlorine?🥇(August 2022)

According to a US Geological Survey, 85% of American’s water is classified as hardwater. This essentially means that it’s unbalanced in terms of the trace minerals (calcium & manganese) that our body needs to survive. This is where water softeners come in. They help to reduce concentrations of mineral salts like calcium and manganese in […]

Top 12 Best Water Softener Systems🥇(August 2022)

Last Updated:   In this article, we’re going to be talking about the best water softener systems that are available on the market.   Regardless of where you live, hard water is a problem you can do without. Apart from leaving difficult-to-ignore stains on cutlery, glasses, and fixtures, it can also leave deposits of calcium […]

How Much Does A Water Softener Cost?

Water softeners are essential to have in your home, especially if you’ve tested your water supply and it’s showing that you have excess mineral deposits, heavy metals and hard minerals. These chemicals are usually calcium and magnesium ions. Why? Well, according to the EPA: the average American family uses more than 300 gallons of water […]

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